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What if you could
study bacteria
while tweeting?
What if you could help
treat childhood cancer
while watching a video?
What if you could help
cure Zika
while listening to music?
What if you could help
treat HIV/AIDS
while posting a status update?
Join 748K volunteers now
Accelerate research with no investment of time or money.
When you become a World Community Grid volunteer, you donate your device's spare computing power to help scientists solve the world's biggest problems in health and sustainability.


Scientists need help

They’re searching the microscopic world for answers to our biggest problems, but it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why many use computer simulations to point them in the right direction, just as explorers rely on maps to find their way.

Finding answers is tough, and without more computers, doing scientific research can be a bit like exploring with an incomplete map

With the power of World Community Grid, researchers have...

...identified new drug candidates in the fight against neuroblastoma - a childhood cancer.

...discovered how nanotechnology could help provide clean water to millions.

...discovered new compounds for harnessing solar power.


Your device could help...


...understand how the bacteria in our bodies may help cause disease.

Researchers are using World Community Grid for a comprehensive study of the human microbiome, the trillions of bacteria in and all over our bodies.

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Your device could help...

Awareness ribbon

...find better ways to detect and treat cancer.

Two research groups are using World Community Grid to fight some of the most common and deadly types of cancer in adults and children.

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Your device could help...


...fight the Zika virus.

Through an international collaboration, researchers are looking for drugs to combat the Zika virus, which can cause severe neurological problems.

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Your device could help...


...fight tuberculosis (TB).

Researchers are building an understanding of the TB bacteria's defenses, to help overcome one of the world's deadliest diseases.

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Your device could help...

HIV Virus

...identify more effective HIV/AIDS treatments.

Researchers are searching for new antiviral drugs to control the progression of HIV, prevent the onset of AIDS and prolong life.

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It won't slow you down.

Our software monitors your device’s performance, so whatever you are doing on your device, it stays out of the way.

Computer CPU
Efficient and hassle free
Laptop charging

It won't drain your battery.

By default, World Community Grid only runs when you’re connected to power.

IBM secured, community trusted
Locked file

As a volunteer, you’re totally protected.

Your personal information will never be shared.
The software cannot access your personal files.
Security experts constantly test the system for vulnerabilities to the latest threats.

Intelligent and considerate
Smartphone with wireless internet

It won't use up your mobile data plan.

World Community Grid only downloads research tasks and uploads results when you’re connected to a wireless network.

While you were learning about World Community Grid...
24 hour clock

...your device could have analyzed

potential cancer signatures

for the Mapping Cancer Markers project.

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